Copy of Max Novelty Store Shipping Policy

General Shipping

We offer free shipping worldwide for all orders of $150 or over.  Free shipping is not extended to special promotional offers such as any 'FREE + Shipping' offers where we are providing the item at no cost.  

Many of our items are shipped directly from the USA, while others may be shipped internationally, in some cases directly from our suppliers.  Shipping times vary; we aim to process and ship your order within 10-20 working days, and delivery can be 7-12 working days if shipped from within the USA, or normally between 20-28 working days if shipped internationally.  

Some items may take longer if shipped internationally, depending on various factors, such as which postage service/company is being used, and any potential delays with customs. If you have any questions, or if you are experiencing any unexpected delays with receiving your order, please contact us for assistance.

Expedited Shipping

We also offer Expedited Shipping on all items for a small additional charge.  Items sent via Expedited Shipping will be sent 1st Class from our warehouse or supplier.  Delivery time will vary depending on if the item is sent from our USA warehouse, or if we are using an international supplier.  Items sent from the USA normally arrive in 3-4 working days.  Items sent Internationally are normally received within 10-14 working days from the shipping date.

For USA customers, many of our items will receive a free upgrade to our Expedited Shipping service if multiple items are purchased.

Shipping Delays / Problems

Occasionally, there may be an issue or a problem with shipping, which is unfortunately out of our control, and comes down to the individual shipping service used, and any possible security/customs hold-up's.  If your item has not arrived in the time specified above, please Contact Our Support Team who will be able to assist you further.